During high school, I was just an ordinary student, though. Yes, an ordinary student who once dreamed of becoming a graduate of University of the Philippines. But, it was not the will of the Lord. I failed the UPCAT. That was February 2, 2013. I can still remember that night when the results were released. I was hoping then to see my name in the list but there is none. Shookt. I was not ready to know that news. I even cried, lying on my bed, the whole night. I felt that I was a disappointment. I was a failure. It was hard for me to accept that I failed to be admitted. I was very sad  knowing that it was really my dream. (Thanks to my parents who constantly supported me and gave me guidance during those days.)

I failed UPCAT. And so?

That moment was an eye-opener. It made me realize that you cannot always get what you want in life.  You cannot have the things go the way you want it. That is life. We have to deal with it. It is a matter of constant change that we have to go with its flow.

Whenever we face struggles, know that God is testing your faith. Believe that you can overcome these trials. He has better plans for you. Trust in Him.



One thought on “I FAILED UPCAT

  1. Same here. But yes, a new door opens when another one closes. 🙂

    Originally, I dreamt of studying at UP – particularly, at either the Diliman or Manila campuses. But sadly, I found that I did not qualify for either. My grade was enough for either Los Banos or Baguio, but my family wasn’t enthusiastic at the prospect of studying outside NCR.

    But fortunately, I passed at another college – and here I am.


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