An Unusual Response



After greeting my friend [Jen] a good day, I received this unusual response.

 “You’ll be a good doctor someday. Keep dreaming. Keep moving. Have a great day.”

Then, I texted her back..

“Someday, we will. Sama ka sa pangarap ko? [Will you join me with my dream?] LOL.”

After this, she replied …

” God’s will. Need to pass medtech and our board exam first, then hopefully, Valenzuela na tayo for medicine, mura don. LOL” [not the whole message]

Another text message from her came in,

 “Sana willing mga siblings ko na tulungan ako.”

With that, I also shared that I have a feeling that my mother is now backing out with my ‘medicine dream’ due to the high tuition fees . And I feel discouraged about it.

“I am hundred percent sure that you would succeed one time in future because you deserve it,” Jen responded.

And I thanked her.

“At least, of all people, you were the only one who gives me thoughts of encouragement… I know that we are worthy of grace. Let’s be patient.

Blessings are not just materials. I consider people around us as blessings from heaven.  Receiving these messages, I know that I am blessed.


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